14 Best Sympathy Gifts For Loss Of Mother To Show Your Deep Care

How to give the most thoughtful sympathy gifts for loss of mother?

The key to choosing the best meaningful sympathy gift is simple. Just something to show your condolence and your deep care for this person. 

That’s it. When one loses their Mom, it quite seems like they literally lost their love. The one giving birth to them and the first beautiful vow they ever heard. The one who loved them unconditionally and may also give them every second chance at life. 

Just keep in your mind that losing one parent is the saddest thing, the greatest loss ever in one’s life. And somehow, all of us have to face this reality at some point in our life. 

So if you are wishing to say condolence to someone who has recently said goodbye to their mom. The best way is to send them a sympathy gift that can remind beautiful memories of their loved ones and comfort their soul in this harsh period. 

To help, we have gathered a list of a comprehensive list of heart-touching sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother. It will be easier for you to pick the right memorial gifts:

10 Sympathy Gifts Ideas For Loss Of Mother

1. Personalized Sympathy Blanket With Picture

A personalized memorial blanket is on sentimental sympathy gift as it allows the grieving to think that the comfort of their mother’s love will never end as long as they carry the warm hug from the blanket.

One special thing about this blanket is that your loved one’s blanket can be custom with her or his feature photo of Mom. 

The meaningful As I Sit in Heaven poem is the top option when someone considers a meaningful gift. This blanket with a profound quote is a great choice that will comfort the loss of someone losing a mother.

Click here to seek some more sympathy gifts with this As I Sit In Heaven poem.

2. Mom Memorial Journal

gift for loss of mother

Mom Memorial Journal Condolence Gift


If you are finding a gift that can remind all the beautiful memories of the passing away one. Then you must put this Mom Memorial Journal in your sympathy gift for the loss of mother ideas cart. 

With this unique sympathy gift, the recipient may probably focus on her or his Mom’s beautiful journal throughout her whole life as opposed to the happy memories they have with their Mom.

Let’s help them just focus on the positive thing and keep away from all the sorrow or sadness toward these treasures in this Mom Memorial Journal.

3. Butterfly windchime

sympathy gift for loss of mother

Butterfly windchime


Have you ever heard of the quote “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day”? 

If one day you’re out and catch your eyes of these beautiful butterfly windchimes with the meaningful messages. It is for sure the greatest comfort to start a new day. 

4. Send a Hug Candle 

condolence gifts for loss of mother

Send a Hug Candle 


If you want to comfort the grieving one, there will nothing better than a “Send A Hug” candle.

A hug with love and warmth is all needed when you just lost someone you loved. This gift is on the top of condolence gift for loss of mother as it can be customized the loved one’s name to make it a unique gift to the recipient.

5. Butterfly Memory Lantern

memory gifts for loss of mother

Butterfly Memory Lantern


Don’t you know that A Butterfly Memory Lantern makes it perfect to be a sympathy gift for loss of mother? And especially it is a personalized one.

This gorgeous Lantern is lovely inscribed with the dates and name of passing away loved one in it. As a result, it can be perfectly displayed on a bookshelf, tabletop, or anywhere in her or his house to softly remind of the loved one.

6. Memorial stone

memorial gift ideas for loss of mother

Family Tree In Memory Gifts of Mom


Instead of flowers, what could you send as a memorial gift for loss of mother? 

This beautiful Memorial Stone can be custom-made for family and friends. It can be perfect condolence for the grieving one to add to their charming garden or display in any place in their house. 

I am sure every time they walk out to the garden, the feeling of comfort will come and it’ll heal their soul

7. Family Tree In Memory Gifts of Mom

loss of mother sympathy gift

Family Tree In Memory Gifts of Mom


This Family Tree In Memory Gifts of Mom is the perfect gift for a friend or family member who just recently lost their mother or to remind beautifully memories to ease their loss. There’s a feature of this canvas is that you can custom a picture of their Mom and names. Even the year that the gift can be personalized condolence to them.

The canvas is made in US with GREENGUARD GOLD certified inks, and it has 9 rich sizes for you to choose from.

8. Forever in my heart memorial bracelet

sympathy gift loss of mother

Forever in my heart memorial bracelet


Imagine there is a condolence gift can remind that one’s Mom can stay always in their heart, it can only be this Forever in my Heart Memorial Bracelet

All you have to do is choose the type of bracelet that suits the recipient, the name you want to be on it. Then this Etsy seller will help you to engrave it a bracelet with the color finish of your choice silver, copper, and brass. It special gift will allow them to carry their Mom forever on their hear!

9. Heart of Memories Glass Window Charm 

gift for sympathy loss of mother

Heart of Memories Glass Window Charm 


If you want to pick a unique condolence gifts for someone who lost of a mother, then this Heart of Memories Glass Window Charm is the perfect one for you. It is a great comfort to heal their soul.

10. Willow Tree with Sympathy

This Willow tree is a cast of the original “Chrysalis” by Susan Lordi. It will be the sentimental memorial ideas for loss of mother as it will serve as a sweet reminder of the unbroken bond, the undying love between their Mom and them.

This charming Willow tree is 9’’h hand-painted holding white dove in hand, representing for the wish for peace for the one you love

11. Custom photo memorial mug

personalized memorial gifts for loss of mother

Custom Photo Memorial Mug


If one day, I receiver a sympathy gift that can be used every single day and remind of my loved one. I will definitely burst into tears by touching. A special gift like this mug is also perfect for some coffee or tea lover.

A meaningful poem with its feature of personalizing pictures are things making a unique and sentimental sympathy gift. If you are not close enough to have a picture of their Mom, you can also pick an option not including that picture.

Special sympathy gift for loss of mother

12. Memorial Bird Feeder

memorial gifts for loss of mother

Memorial Bird Feeder


It is the truth that a Memorial Bird Feeder is on the top list to gift as condolence, it is a reminder that life still continues. It brings hope to the survivor every time the birds land on the feeder. And somehow is a comforting way to heal the soul and to carry on the memories of the passing away loved ones. 

13. Sympathy Gift Baskets

condolences on loss of mother

Personalized Sympathy Blanket With Picture


Losing a loved one is never easy. Choose a sympathy basket that can comfort someone in a time of loss. Sometimes a great condolence is to receive favorite food such as chocolate, Matches, cheese…There is a special thing of this basket is that it includes a spa baths such as salts, lotion, and Soy Candle. 

14. Picture Portrait Framed Poster

A personalized memorial gift for loss of mother is special, but it will even be better if it is a personalized portrait framed. This gift can be the perfect one to set or display on the desk, a bookshelf. All you have to do is include one custom picture and the seller will turn it into a beautiful portrait.

15. Memory Pillow

condolence messages for loss of mother

Personalized Sympathy Blanket With Picture


Have you ever heard the quote: Cardinal appears when angels are near? A Memory pillow with a cardinal symbol can help someone to feel their loved ones are nearby. It is one of the best sympathy gifts for loss of mother.

16. Custom Keychain

sympathy loss of mother

Custom Keychain


How to softly remind someone of their love through every small thing they use every day? You must not miss this handwritten name on this stylish custom keychain, it is great condolence and healing one’s soul who lost a loved one. This small gift can be carried anywhere they go, any time they are with a meaningful message on leather.

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